Be a yardstick of quality. Some people aren't use to an environment where excellence is expected.
Steve Jobs 1955-2011
The client must be viewed by their industry peers as being in the top 20% of their market sub-niche, demonstrating a commitment to a distinctive company culture and brand. This must be verified through industry accepted documentation, not self declaration.

The client must be selective about whom they permit within their inner circle and are committed to securing the strongest available talent over Vender Management procedures. Exceptional candidates sometimes call for exceptions to the rules.

The client must be exposed to our methodology of interviewing to be in sync with our candidate evaluation process and to minimize surprises in their interviewing process. We will provide all the necessary briefing as a value added benefit to our clients.

The client’s word and signed engagement letter must be their bond of integrity.

The hiring Managers of the client that we support will be of a personal quality that we would invite and be comfortable with at our family table.